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Shanghai Denair Compressor Co., Ltd.

Factory Add.: No.58 Hulu Road, Songjiang Industry Development Zone, Shanghai, P.R. China
Office Add.:3 Floor, Building 5, Baosheng international Fortune Center NO.18,Baosheng Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China.

Air Compressor Manufacturer

Denair Compressor Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of heavy-duty compressors. Our company was inaugurated in 2005 as a Sino-German joint venture. Since inception, we have been committed to the development, production, and distribution of hi-tech industrial equipment. Aside from the portable variation, our air compressor is also available with oil free, high pressure, and rotary screw designs. We offer these performance machines in models that range between 7.5 and 355KW. Additionally, we provide matching equipment for post-processing procedures.
    1. 7.5KW Screw Air Compressor
    2. 7.5KW Screw Air CompressorSupplying the air in demand with simple structure, the product makes full use of the rotary screw to take the place of the piston conventionally to lengthen the service life and decrease the cost. This product is suited for metal processing, breakdown service, driving and pneumatic tool, paint spraying and other industries.
    1. 22KW Air Compressor
    2. 22KW Air CompressorOur DA-22A 30HP rotary screw compressor with belt drive is configured with the PLC display screen in Chinese and English. With the self diagnosing and protecting device, the product also allows the remote control and interlocking control for multiple air ends. It can be operated in high technology without any worker and can last running without any fault for 40 to 80 thousand hours.
    1. 37KW Stationary Screw Air Compressor
    2. 37KW Stationary Screw Air CompressorThe 50HP rotary screw compressor with single stage compression is made in systematized design to reduce the running failures to a large extent. The product gets sufficient air displacement and ideal energy consumption, ranking the advanced place in this field. With the leading automatic control center, the product allows timed switching.
    1. 250KW Large Screw Air Compressor
    2. 250KW Large Screw Air Compressor The machine unit is designed in closed case and it is the combination of rotary screw air end, electric motor, air exhaust system, oil spraying system, oil and air separating system, cooling system, control system and electrical system. There is no need for specialized base so that the product is easy for carrying and installation.
    1. DA-55AZV 75HP
    2. DA-55AZV 75HPDue the various speed controlling technology, the 75HP VSD direct drive rotary screw compressor realizes the combination of the air displacement with the air consumption of users to prevent the excessive power loss. The frequency converter adjusts the air flow through the modulation on rotational speed of the motor to keep the output power
    1. DA-75AZV 100HP
    2. DA-75AZV 100HPDA-75AZV 100HP VSD single stage rotary screw air compressor is a newly developed device. This product utilizes the V type belt system with low ratio of maintenance. Through the automatic tensioning device, the product ensures excellent transmission of energy. The large product runs in the way of the direct drive at constant 1:1 speed.
    1. Electric Portable Air Compressor
    2. Electric Portable Air CompressorOur electric portable air compressor can be modulated on air displacement and exhaust pressure in response to the demands of users. The power range covers from 11 to 250kw and the air delivery reaches 40m3/min. With the sound isolating design, the product generates low noise. It is reliable and easy to be maintained completely.
    1. Oil Free Air Compressor
    2. Oil Free Air CompressorNowadays, many dewatering devices are unavailable because of the oil in the compressed air, like cooling dryer, heatless pure dryer, externally heated purge dryer, etc. Yet the clean air compressed by our product protects the dewatering equipment completely so that the cost on maintaining the dewatering device is reduced.